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Okay, so lets be honest. The front page has been neglected for some time now. MAG is all but extinct, and the whole Nubby thing turned sour after someone thought that "so-and-so is a bad writer" actually meant "Mass Effect 3 is a massive bundle of gay" and things turned ugly and, for the most part, incredibly confusing. Add to that the fact that the past Christmas period was incredibly hectic, with broken boilers and no heating and all manner of chaos. But now we're in the clear, what do we have thats new?

Well, the Player Interviews are back up and running. Check out the boxes over to the right of this page for the latest one, and a link to previous ones in case you've missed them. These will be every two weeks, or to be exact, on the 1st and 15th of every month, until we run out of members to interview.

But most interestingly, while waiting for HGW XX/7 to finish the script, I went ahead and made a micro-RPG that features a few of the UUDD crew. It took a while, and there were several bug fixes, but it all came together and is now ready for download. Click the image below to head on into the forums and download away!

Think you have nerves of steel? Think you're calm and collect? Then we dare you to enter the "You raff, you ruse" thread. How long will you last before you lose it all and laugh? A few pictures? A page or so? The competition is very strong, so if you think you can "win" this thread, then jump right in below. Also available in Youtube flavour.

And last but not least... our very own Prof Chaos has kindly set up UUDD's very own radio station! Using the Shoutcast box below, listen in on some of gaming's finest tunes - perfect listening for a videogames site!

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Posted by Blokeymon - 15th April 2012

Player Interview
Hot KoCode By The Fire

Click the image to check out the all-new podcast by some of our most notorious members.

Head on over to the official site here.

Hot KoCode By The Fire
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