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Gamesharing on PS3

Setting up Gamesharing on your PS3.

So what is Gamesharing? Well, first of all its against the Terms And Conditions of using your PS3. But more importantly it will give you and whoever you gameshare with access to all of their purchased software and, if they're in another country, access to that country's PSN Store.

How does it work?

Well, if you read all that boring text in the main window when you buy a piece of software from the PSN Store, it will tell you that this particular piece of software can be activated on a total of 5 different machines. So should your PS3 suddenly die in a housefire or worse, then you can buy a new PS3, sign into your account, and download all of your games again. Gamesharing takes advantage of this.

The official word is that you can visit a friend, use your sign-in on their machine, and download a game to play on their machine, but you MUST delete it upon logging out. Obviously Sony do not have a way to actively police this, and so Gamesharing can be done anywhere, anytime, with anyone. But be warned, if you DO get caught, you risk losing your account PERMANANTLY.

If you're in the EU region and you have a close, trusted friend in the US region, you can exchange your PSN Store login details and have access to not only that region's PSN Store, but also everything that your friend has previously downloaded. Provided you agree terms beforehand, you can download everything your friend has FOR FREE, and play it on your machine.

This has a few drawbacks.

1. If your gamesharing friend downloads something you bought and downloaded, you will only have three chances left to download it to another PS3, as you and your friend have used up one chance each. Unless you're really unlucky with your PS3s you shouldn't really worry about this, but I strongly advise that you do NOT gameshare with more than one person.

2. If you're playing online (or doing something else online) and your gamesharing buddy signs into your account, you WILL get logged out of PSN.

Obviously the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, as you can essentially double your games collection, you can play games that aren't available in your region, and if you're stuck for a particular trophy, your gamesharing friend can sign into PSN on your account and earn it for you!

How to set up gamesharing.

The most important thing you will need is someone you trust 200%. Someone you can trust with your life, and more importantly, your PSN account.

Once you have someone, give them your PSN Store sign-in details (your email address and your PSN password).

Once you have each other's details, create a new user on your PS3 and create a new PSN Store account (making sure you choose the region they are in) using your friend's details.

And that's it. Hit the "Download List" in the PSN Store to view everything they have downloaded, and download away!

Things to remember.

1. If you delete the new account, you will lose the ability to play anything you downloaded from that account. So you will need to keep the account active on your PS3, which is why I strongly recommended your gamesharing friend is someone you totally and utterly trust beyond all doubt.

2. While you have access to their store, they will have access to your store. And with it, your PSN Wallet. For safety reasons, make sure you remove all credit card details from your wallet. Adding credit on the PSN Store is easily done, even when you don't mean to, if a credit cards details are saved.

3. Games like WARHAWK that have user-based stats on servers CANNOT be Gameshared.

4. Downloadable content is region locked. If you have EU LittleBigPlanet and you download your friends US costume pack, the costume pack won't work. If you're gamesharing with someone in the same region, this doesn't apply, and to halve the cost, you can both buy a DLC pack each and then grab the other from their store!

Closing notes.

Gamesharing, much like creating your own foreign accounts, has its pros and cons. You can get a load of free games, but you will never be totally in control of your own account, and if your judgement is off, you risk getting shafted by your "friend". Its also against the Terms And Conditions that Sony lay down, but there is no way to clamp down on it. The only way you risk getting caught is if your friend screws you over and you have to call Sony to get the account deactivated, cos you'll have to explain why....

Posted by Blokeymon - 08/05/2011

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